Monday, February 04, 2013

Oh, hello friend

Over the weekend I was at 2 events, the Oh, Hello Friend store opening and Geeky Glamorous art show. 
I went to the store opening with my dear friend Esmeralda, owner of Azucar Morena blog.  Both of us are big fan of Danni Hong, we love her style and all the creative things she make, it was just so wonderful to see the actual store, and getting inspired from the artsy environment! 
Later that night was the opening of the art show in West Hollywood, the store was packed with people! it was definitely a great night to see friends and artists :)
Thank you all for stopping by!
Mandie did a wonderful job organizing the show, and here's a LA weekly article about the exhibit, we are so stoked about the amount of attention and recognition we are receiving, can't wait to see what's waiting for us next!