Friday, April 13, 2012

It's spring time! Weather has been really nice lately, minus the rain today, which was a surprise, but I'm not complaining, because who doens't love a free car wash?
I did a flower pokemon illustration today, because my favorite grass type is Bellssom, she's just so cute and happy looking! I wanted to add Lilligant since she's also a flower type of pokemon.
How I draw:
Recently I just draw straight on photoshop, I used to import the shapes from illustrator, but I got lazy LOL, not really, I just want to practice drawing/painting with brush more. After the draft I blocked colors, using mainly one type of brush.
And I added more characters, this stage I try to get the character details down, each character is in its own layer :
Then it's render time! I like texture brushes, it gives a rough, canvas style.
After a few is the finished piece:

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